Four Reasons to Remove Clutter from the Home

It’s common to acquire things as we progress through life. A pile of mail which needs to be read through. A drawer of clothes which haven’t been worn in years. A collection of items rarely used or thought about. The problem is these things typically begin to cause more stress than they are truly worth. Here are four reasons to remove the clutter from the home.

To save your time

1) Clutter wastes time. Time is a valuable commodity to be enjoyed. Clutter makes it difficult to find things around the home and is therefore wasteful of your time. An orderly living space makes it easier to limit the time spent on basic chores.

To make your home feel larger

2) Clutter makes the living space seem smaller. Whether a person lives in a studio apartment or a five-bedroom house, clutter makes the space seem smaller. A well organized small space will always have a more visually appealing aesthetic. The writer of this blog lives in a small home, and can attest to how keeping it as orderly as possible makes it appear larger than it is.

To improve your relationship with your possessions

3) Clutter can cause an unnatural relationship with things. Many of us have seen reality television programming about hoarders and wonder, “how did it get to that point?” Likely over a period of time. A person with a hoarding disorder has an unhealthy attachment to stuff, because he or she feels an emptiness in at least one aspect of life. This isn’t to imply everyone with junk in their home will eventually become a hoarder, but rather to advise against developing an unhealthy attachment to items which no longer have any meaningful value.

To live a richer life

4) Clutter prevents moving forward with a better life. Part of living a richer life is occupying time with meaningful experiences, which includes enjoyable work, a good vacation, or being with friends and family. Hence, acquiring unnecessary things typically creates the illusion of having wealth rather than actually furthering the goal of achieving true financial independence. Therefore, clutter represents money squandered on items which don’t bring lasting value.

It isn’t always easy to part with possessions, but divesting unnecessary items can feel very liberating and create a much more enjoyable living space. An upcoming post will discuss how to reduce clutter in the home.

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